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  • Bunasawa-Kai (BKI) offers: JUDO, Jiujitsu and Jukkendo/self-defense classes for Kids and Adults (Men & Women). BKI’s teaching is led by a former Japanese World Team member & US. World Team coach, Nori Bunasawa. Sensei Bunasawa is the youngest Red Belt (9th Dan, Grand Master) in USA. Beside training US World Team, he has produced two Olympians from the Orange County home dojo. He has also taught over 5000 Jr & Sr judo & Jukkendo students in the US, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Denmark, Italy & Kazakhstan in the past 45years.

    Kids Program: BKI offers two unique classes developed by Sensei Bunasawa, Judo 9th Dan and Jukkendo Founder and 10th Dan. 1.-One is for elite students to develop as future Olympians.

    2. Second is child character development class, through our special discipline training. (We love helping and working with kids and helping them develop to their best potential.)

    Adult Programs: BKI offers:

    1. Adult Competition class,

    2. Recreational, health & fitness class,

    3. Men & Women's Self Defense or MMA (Jukkendo) class.

    Our Adult membership has more high ranking (6 Dan - Red & White Belt & up) than any other school/dojo in Southern California. All are masters of Judo & Jukkendo, some are also masters of BJJ (Jiujitsu). World Class Champions.

  • For Info: 949-645-1674 or Text message or E-mail: (Prefer-Text message or E-mail)

    Located: HONGANJI-Temple 254 Victoria St, Costa Mesa Ca 92626.

    Head Instructor Nori Bunasawa youngest Red belt (9th Dan Grand master) in USA, Here is his rear footage of World class Championship Throws: Tomoe-nage (High circular throw), Haraigoshi (Hip sweep), Kouchi-makikomi (Inner reap roll), Ashibarai (Foot sweep) and his known favourite Tai-otoshi (Body drop) at BKI BUNASAWA-Kai /IJKF JUDO / Jukkendo school. Contact at: 949-645-1674 or E-mail: info

    Schedule: (Class opens on Tue & Fri) .

    1. -Kids, Jr & Parents Class (Judo /Jiujitsu): start at 5:00pm (Tue /Fri).

    2. -Adult Men & Women Class (JUDO / "JUKKENDO" Self-defense): start at 6:30-8:15pm (Tue & Fri)

    Beginners: Kids / Adult M/F, Basic to Jr. Sparing Class, Tue 5:00 - 6:30 pm/ Fri 5:00 - 6:30pm.

    Intermediate: Adult M/F, JUDO & JUKKENDO Class, Tue/ Fri 6:30 - 8:15 pm.

  • Class Registration Info:

    No Contract! -Any Time, Any Month or Session (Every month)
  • Basic Session:

    2017 Jan -Dec monthly base .
  • *For more info click at What is JUDO? or What is JUKKENDO? or at Web site: . * Class Fee-check at the schedule & Fee.


    Bunasawa-Kai /IJKF Honbu (Headquarters). -254 Victoria St Costa Mesa Ca 92626 USA.

  • Official Headquarters:

    1. BKI "Bunasawa-Kai Judo Jiujitsu, JUKKENDO (Ryu-ha)

    2. IJKF /JUKKENDO -International JUKKENDO Fed .

    *IJKF /BKI (Bunasawa-Kai) Extention program : Miami Fl, Irvine, Carson BKI, Murrieta. Georgia.
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